Jesus is a shepherd, He leads His sheep, calling them, us by name. He goes ahead of them, knowing precisely where He is leading them. He sees the destination because he is a man of vision.

Everything we need to know about leadership can be seen in the life and teaching of Jesus. (Not just leadership at church, but more so in your everyday life, we spend more time at work than everywhere else and it’s in our everyday lives at work, home and wherever we go that we need to be the servants or shepherds that Jesus wants us to be.

A Christian is a person following the example of Christ, Christ like, not just a religion you tick on an application form…”well I know I’m not …this one, or that one, …the only one left is Christian…ok I’ll tick that one…. Be like Christ, Imitate Christ (WWJD)

I want to share the following points from a church perspective and the reason is that, church is a “school” in a way. This is where I come to learn and prepare for the world out there…Everything and every way I learn to be a leader at church is the better way to be a leader out there and we can relate all of these points or statements to our everyday lives.

Some of us are leaders here at church, but all of us are leaders out there!

10 things Leadership is…

1. Leadership is vision:

Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion
A Leader sees a picture and takes responsibility for pursuing it…

  • Share your vision, take that responsibility of this Christian life and let people see that you are different and want what you have. Matt.5:15 Let your light shine…If there is light the vision is brighter, clearer…

2. Leadership is empowering people:

It’s about assisting people in recognising their gifting. Rom 12:6-8 and then to operate in that gifting. People do not only join a church to hear the preaching, but also to be given ministry opportunities.

3. Leadership is connecting people:

It facilitates getting people to work together as a team. Paul had an apostolic team in Barnabas, Timothy and Titus. Acts 13:1-3 Jesus had a team of 12 disciples. Luke 6:12-16

4. Leadership is motivating and maturing people:

Focus will continually be on maturing the believers in your care or influence. This means that they must hear from God for themselves Jer.31:31-34

5. Leadership is influence:

Your effectiveness goes as far as your influence!

There are 4 types of people…

  1. Wanderers: They wander in and wander out and when it’s all over they wonder what happened.
  2. Followers: They follow a leader…
  3. Achievers: They set goals and achieve it!
  4. Leaders: Like achievers they set goals, but are able to persuade others to go with them

6. Leadership is servanthood:

It does not lord it over the followers, but serves them with sacrificial love, just as Jesus came to serve and to give His life a ransom for many…Matt.20:24-28 also Jesus washed his disciples feet John 13:2-5

7. Leadership is a learning process:

Not everyone is a “born leader”. Some of us have to learn to be leaders. Simon the Reed became Peter the Rock!

8. Leadership is decision making:

Leaders must cultivate the skill of known facts with the unknown future. Prayer, fasting, listening, expecting, seeking advice are all very important

9. Leadership is the art of getting things done through people:

It requires imagination and dynamic action, combining ideas, people, finances, time and faith.

10. Leadership is enthusiasm:

Enthusiasm comes from 2 Greek words EN = IN and THEOS = God … So to be in God is to be enthusiastic.

How do we relate these points to our daily lives at work, home or wherever we are?

“The only thing on the planet that Jesus died for is people. The only thing on the earth that Jesus is building is the church, His people!”

Jesus is our supreme example!

And the cool thing about Jesus being our example is that He is always around, He’s at church, He’s at your home at your workplace and wherever you are. He’s always available and He always has the right answer! If Jesus is your leader and you follow the leader, whole heartedly, you will then be the best you that you can be…

Vision will ENROL many, it will INVOLVE many, it creates ENTHUSIASM, and generates ABILITY Nehemiah 4:6

1. Jesus was a visionary – He always had a clear view of His destination, He began with the end in mind. He was proactive rather than reactive. In His prayer life He waited on the father for direction.

2. Jesus was a goal setter – He translated vision into clear goals, which included (A) announcing that the Kingdom of God was at hand and a new dispensation of grace was about to begin, (B) gathering a group of disciples around Him taking the responsibility to train them into a team.(C) Winning the world by having the gospel preached to every nation.

You have to have goals in your life…and they have to be S.M.A.R.T
S=Specific + M=Measurable + A=Attainable + R=Realistic/Relevant + T=Time bound

3. Jesus was one who endured – He endured to the end, once it was all accomplished, He proclaimed “it is finished!”

4. Jesus was a man of prayer – He persisted in prayer, sometimes throughout the night…How much more should we… God’s word gives great advice on prayer,

A. Pray according to the will of God.1John 5:14-15
B. Pray in the name of Jesus. John 14:13-14
C. Pray conscious of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Rom.8:26
D. Pray believing! James1:6-7
E. Pray without being selfish. James 4:3
F. Pray with a forgiving spirit. Mark 11:25
G. Pray asking the Lord to forgive your sins. Psalm 66:18
H. Pray without becoming impatient. Heb.11:6

5. Jesus was anointed – At the start of His ministry the Holy Spirit came upon Him in the form of a dove…numerous examples in the bible stating “Power of the Spirit was upon Him”

6. Jesus exercised Humility & Grace – Jesus washed feet and told his disciples to do the same…Let’s beware of titles, demanding recognition etc. A few examples of a Boss vs. a Leader

  • Boss = drives men – Leader inspires them
  • Boss = depends on authority – Leader depends on good will
  • Boss = demands respect – Leader commands respect
  • Boss = evokes fear – Leader radiates love
  • Boss = shows who is wrong – Leader shows what is wrong
  • Boss = “I” – Leader says “we” …many more…

7. Jesus was a team builder – He built a team around himself that was able to go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation Mark 16:15

He lead by example, He could tell them follow my example. ”As the Father has sent me, I am sending you” John 20:21

How to develop your leadership life skills:

A. Do all you can do to develop a positive mental attitude about yourself
B. Seek after the plan that God has for your life Eph.2:10
C. Develop a vital friendship with Jesus
D. Get hold of the word of God
E. Ged rid of grudges
F. Stay free of self pity
G. Strive for a submissive spirit
H. Develop a meaningful daily routine
I. Develop friendships
J. Do something nice for ordinary people

It’s all a choice!

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