Our Mission is to impact our local community, by actively contributing towards a social development ministry that encourages Christian counsel and education, and most importantly bringing about Godly transformation and social upliftment to the poor, vulnerable and marginalised.


To be socially relevant as our Church becomes a beacon of light, hope and Christian significance within our community.


The Reach Out Community Foundation is organised and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, educational, social, philanthropic and benevolent purposes and on a non-profit basis.
  • To facilitate the establishment and development of people-driven and community-based empowerment projects and/or programmes to improve their social, spiritual, economic and psychological wellbeing.
  • To provide food, clothing and other necessities for the underprivileged and to raise funds for the furtherance of this cause.
  • To equip and empower people with employability and the entrepreneurial skills needed to support themselves and their families.
  • To raise funds for the Bethel Building Project which will be used for the purchase of property, and the building of a Family Christian Centre which will incorporate the following:
  • Reach Out Community Centre
  • Siya Sibenza – Work for a Living Centre.
  • YAC – Youth Action Centre.
  • Little Saints Crèche and Pre School
Through the Reach Out Community Foundation our aim is to impact our local community, by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, make disciples, bring Christian counsel and education, raise leaders and most importantly bring about Godly transformation and social upliftment to the poor and needy. By God’s Grace and His Favour, we have faith that His purpose and plan will come to pass as we become a beacon and lighthouse of Hope within our community of Amanzimtoti.